Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Gala and new TV

Josh and I were planning to buy a TV for a long time.. We went to Courts, Harvey Norman and Challenger in Funan to start canvassing. It was really fun walking around the mall because most of the items are on Sale!
And since we are talking about sale again, individuals like us were expecting to pay lesser that its usual price.

We came across this Sharp TV 32" LED at $399, original price was at $545 not bad though.
I'm so excited!

We had a nice "meryenda" at Qiji (Chinese-Malay restaurant). 

Josh ordered "Mee Rebus". Honestly, there are bunch of Chinese-Malay restaurants who serve this kind of noodle in Singapore but there are only few who has perfect mixture of sweetness and spices. We love their Mee Rebus!

I preferred eating less and healthy. "Popiah" similar with "Lumpiang Ubod". 

I really had a wonderful weekend!

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