Sunday, 26 February 2012


I'm impressed that people can take pictures like these using their IPhones. Pictures were displayed in Ion Orchard located at Basement Gallery Hall.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

May you rest in peace my Antie Coring

2 months ago my Antie Coring was admitted to the hospital due to her hurting feet. It was the time after they went to Bohol for a vacation trip. According to her daughter (ate Rhoda), they visited this one place in Bohol where in they needed to climb 200+ steps to reach the top.

Diagnosis result brought us more pain as we found out that she has Bone Cancer. We are shocked that a person who is kind and considerate would be in her darkest hour in an unexpected time of her life, she was only 67.

My family back in the Philippines visits her at least once a week to check any development and changes. There was a time that they would see her open her eyes and a after few minutes it will close again.

One morning I woke up very early and the first thing I always do is to check my Facebook page. My niece Kathleen (her first grandchild) tagged a photo of Antie Coring sending a message that she passed away. Her daughter said that antie fought for her life but her body cannot comply anymore as she was fully dosed already.

I'm hoping that Antie Coring would hear me talking to her in my dreams to tell how much I love her and missed her.

May you rest in peace Antie Coring.

In the picture, she's the only person wearing the floral blouse. It was my last picture taken with her. She insisted to go with my family and accompany me in the airport before I leave the country.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Every girl's dream is to meet their prince charming!
Finally, the long wait is over. I'm happy and glad to say that I already met my husband to be..
Advance Happy Valentine's to us!