Saturday, 17 March 2012

Do you wanna get ink too?

Just like the old times..
I wanna have one too..
I won't tell mom promise! And dad will kill me if he finds out!
When can I get my second tattoo
Am I considered 'astig' already?
It looks good on you but people will say you're an addict if they see it..

But who cares?!

I got this tattoo two years back when I was still working in a call center at Ortigas. Jeremy my college barkada was covincing me really hard to have one and I won't deny that I'm kinda excited too! It was Saturday night and we went to this Ink shop in Thomas Morato.. I wasn't really sure what design to choose but thanks to the Tattoo Artist for creating a unique tattoo just for me!

I hid it from my parents for 2 years because at that time I don't have the guts to show it to them. They are conservative and practical persons. They are not going to waste any cents for some things that will never benefit them. My relatives also would find it unethical and inappropriate.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I was never a Fashion Guru or Kikay in nature. But I enjoy how people got influence by other nations in mixing and matching clothes and accessories.
I also noticed girls wearing "todo" outfit during normal days. But for me Fashion is like having your own style in colors and being unique is what makes you stand out.

I bought this colorful palda in a night market China Town, Singapore for only $15. I was very happy and I even got the black color too.